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Email Marketing Features
User-friendly WYSIWYG HTML Editor screenshot
Easily create great looking email messages. Features include drag-and-drop functionality, colors and fonts picker, media manager, and much more. Embed images, flash, and links to documents, audio, and video clips into your messages.
Export Contacts Datascreenshot
Export your contacts in CSV or Excel formats to use elsewhere. You can apply filters to decide what records to export.
View Statistical Reports screenshot
Track the progress of your subscription campaigns and view charts displaying opt-in and opt-out trends in your lists.
Increase deliverability of your outgoing messages; combat spam and phishing/spoofing by having all of your emails cryptographically signed using public/private keys based on DomainKeys and DKIM technologies.
Email Schedulingscreenshot
Send an email immediately or schedule it for delivery at specific date and time. For large campaigns you can also split your recipient lists into batches and schedule delivery with intervals between batches.
View Campaign Detailsscreenshot
View a summary of bounced, opened, and delivered emails for every campaign as well as information about specific individual messages.
Track Email Click-Thrusscreenshot
Enable click-thru tracking for all URL links inside your email messages. View statistical reports clicked links as charts as well as in email message overlay reports.
Customizable Landing Pagesscreenshot
Create any number of landing pages that match the style of your website. On your pages you can include links to your opt-in pages, surveys, and survey results.
Configurable Data Fields screenshot
Define data fields for your Contact Lists to reflect demographic, company-related, or geographical information that you need to collect. You can also limit input to specific data types (dates, numbers, or text).
Unlimited Contact Lists screenshot
Create multiple contact lists to segregate your contacts by certain criteria and make it easier to send out targeted campaigns. Any contact may belong to several lists at the same time.
Robust Filtersscreenshot
Use conditional filters to perform fine segmentation of your contacts for lists or export. Apply a number of conditions at once to filter out the exact set of contacts that you need.
Opt-In Pagesscreenshot
Create opt-in pages to get more subscribers to sign up for your newsletters. On your pages decide what fields data to collect and which lists to include.
Perform Data Cleansing screenshot
Perform a bulk update of your data: change values, remove duplicates and contacts that hard bounced or unsubscribed.
Import Contacts from your CRM Application screenshot
Take your existing contacts in Excel or CSV formats or export contacts from your CRM application and upload them to your Master list. Receive an email notification report upon import completion.