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SurveyPool, Inc. provides a full suite of self-service and full-service marketing solutions for small businesses including online surveys, email marketing, business advertising & promotions. Our mission is to empower small businesses and non-profit organizations to realize the full potential of the Internet to build brands, increase sales, improve processes and reduce costs.

Our clients can easily and affordably create, manage and analyze their own marketing campaigns with our self-service tools or take advantage of our full service professional marketing and technology teams.  SurveyPool provides today’s marketers with best-of-breed proprietary technologies and an approach that is very focused on accountability, measurability and ROI metrics.

Our goal is simple: to help you grow your business via targeted opt-in email marketing and retain your customers by continuous feedback through online surveys and questionnaires. SurveyPool has a solution for every part of your marketing lifecycle:

  • Unique direct targeted email marketing solution, offering an exclusive database of opt-in consumers who are looking for promotions, discounts and coupon offerings from local businesses near their homes.  You win new customers and start to build your own lists.
  • Management tools help to create and maintain your own lists for email marketing.
  • Self-service options, enabling you to craft and deliver your own relevant, professional-looking email campaigns that get opened, measured and acted on.
  • Full-service managed email marketing solutions offer complete hands-off implementation of your e-mail marketing communications, newsletters, coupon and promotion offerings.
  • The original robust, flexible SurveyTool platform!  Craft effective surveys & questionnaires that open the door to feedback that lets you learn what your customers need, so you can deliver what they want!

SurveyPool crafts strategies and solutions that help our clients acquire, retain, up-sell, cross-sell and win back their customers—cost effectively and efficiently. Our turnkey solutions offer an ideal combination of convenience, expertise and service and provide an unbeatable return-on-investment (ROI).

Call us 1-800-622-2602 or email us  today to discuss your business needs and our professional email marketing or survey specialist will help you and your business.