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Full Service Email Marketing

Email marketers frequently come to us with requests such as these:

"I'm in a rush. Do you have anyone who can get my email campaign out today?"

“Can you handle our high-volume emailings? Just to be upfront, there are multiple lists, special sending rules - and multiple of merge fields in every email".

"I like to do my own email marketing campaigns using an Enterprise tool. But I don't have anyone at my company to do my list work or analyze my data. Can you help?"

SurveyPool has one answer to all these questions: Yes! Our seasoned Professional Services team can handle each of these requests and much more.

If you have requirements like them, you should consider SurveyPool Full Service Email Marketing. Full Service means that our email marketing specialists take care of "everything" for you. The "everything" depends on what you need and we know it all. Here are some examples: 

Email Campaign Management

Whether simple or complex, we can set up your email campaign from start to finish – with professional results guaranteed every time. Turnaround can be as fast as the same day.

Creative Design and HTML Coding

Need a distinctly customized look and feel for your emails? Our design team works with you to optimize the total design, both creative and technical, and transform your design into and email that really delivers.

List Work

We’ll integrate your existing database or CRM contacts into our tool, help clean up and segment your lists and much more. Our professional services team will make sure you’re getting the most out of your list.

Custom Surveys

SurveyPool offers a complete online survey solution for marketers. We provide everything you need, from designing a custom survey to delivering it, collecting the responses, and reporting the results. And it's fast: you get the answers you need in days, not weeks. 

Email Deliverability

The art of deliverability lies in finding the perfect blend of elements. We can help you with content testing, sender authentication protocols (SPF, Domain Keys, DKIM).

Full Service Email Marketing Prices

# of Emails Delivered (per month)


(Monthly Subscription)

Cost p/Thousand

























$100 per month fee for our full service option is included in the monthly price.


Note: You should have your own opt-in list to subscribe to this service. If you do not have your list you can subscribe to our targeted opt-in email marketing plan. For all subscribers to this plan we will build one HTML advertisement for FREE (Values $199.00) and also updates if required on the monthly basis.

Call us 1-800-622-2602 or email us  today to discuss your business needs and our professional email marketing or survey specialist will help you and your business.