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Direct Target Email Marketing

We only offer 100% opt-in email addresses, meaning that the subscribers have asked us to receive information on subjects in which they are interested in. We offer no junk mail or bulk emails.

Direct Targeted Email Marketing Plan sends your exclusive email message to 1 or more millions of targeted opt-in recipients, all targeted to your choice according to specified zip code or New York borough.

We do all the work on your behalf. Just approve our HTML ad which will be designed for you, that has your web site link in it and the rest is on us.

Whether you want to announce a new web site, get the word out about your specific products or services, send promotional coupons and special promotions or just inform people about your company, SurveyPool will do the job for you via direct targeted email marketing subscription. We will distribute your email advertisement to hundred thousands of consumers have opted-in and want to read your email messages and receive promotional coupons from your business!

Our Direct Targeted Email Marketing Service  delivers to more recipients, has more focused results, and has superior response rates over general audience emailing services and it is all done for only a modest additional cost! Targeted emailing is the way to go. We make targeted emailing campaigns a cost effective marketing strategy for businesses!

We recommend our Direct Targeted Email Marketing Service for those businesses who are seeking to reach a large, targeted audience and want to reach more potential customers for their businesses.

Direct Target Email Marketing Prices

# of Emails Delivered (per month)

Price (Monthly Subscription)

Cost p/Thousand

























$100 per month fee for our full service option is included in the monthly price.

Note: You do not need to have your own opt-in list to subscribe to this service. If you do have your list you can subscribe to either self-managed or full service email marketing plan. For all subscribers to this plan we will build one HTML advertisement for FREE (Values $199.00) and also updates if required on the monthly basis.

Call us 1-800-622-2602 or email us  today to discuss your business needs and our professional email marketing or survey specialist will help you and your business.