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Affiliate Program
Do you know a business, association or organization that could benefit from surveying their customers and sending out email campaigns and newsletters? Does your website target small and mid-sized businesses and you are interested in earning more money?
If your answer is yes, then SurveyPool affiliate program is for you!

Spread the word about us – and make some cash while doing it!
SurveyPool Affiliate Program rewards you for promoting our services. We provide you with all the marketing materials you need - promotional pages, email, banner ads, text links and more - to promote our surveys and email marketing service. Once customers sign up for our free Basic plan via your unique URL or tracking code, and then upgrade to paid Advanced plan within a year, we give you 20% of their initial payment at sign-up, as well as 20% of each subsequent payment, every single month. The longer those customers that you refer maintain their accounts, the more money you make!

You can make even more money!
In order to encourage affiliate sales, SurveyPool also pays affiliates a 10% commission on all of the sales of their sub-affiliates. When you refer Joe to SurveyPool, you earn a 20% commission on Joe's payments to SurveyPool for as long as he is a customer. Also, if Joe decides that he would also like to be a SurveyPool affiliate, then you also earn a 10% commission on payments made by any customers that Joe refers to SurveyPool. This structure makes it extremely beneficial for you to tell all of your friends and associates about SurveyPool.

Start earning commission now!

Q: How does this work?

A: As a SurveyPool affiliate, you can promote our services to your visitors, customers, or newsletter subscribers. We provide you with marketing materials to promote the program, including promo pages, email templates, banner ads, text ads and more. These materials include links with your unique identifier. When your visitors click one of the links, we write a cookie to their computer and track their signup for free Basic plan. From this moment on, if they upgrade to paid Advanced plan within one year you start earning commission.

Q: How can I check to see how much commission I have made through SurveyPool Affiliate Program?

A: You will have access to Affiliate Console with array of custom reports. You can look at sales, lead and click detail, or look at overall summaries of commissions. Trend graphs are available for looking at trends of sales, leads, clicks, and affiliate signups over time. You will receive instant notification via e-mail when a sale is made.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: We send out checks once a month for everyone with $50 or more in their accounts. If you have less, the money will stay in your account until you generate commission of at least $50. Checks for the previous month's commissions are mailed on the 10th of each month.

Q: How much money can I make?

A: It depends on many factors including how well your promote SurveyPool services, your website traffic, size of your email list, and more. However, with plans that range from $19.95 to well over $100 per month, you can make a lot of ongoing commissions if you do your part right. Your best option is to use our recommended methods and promote us via the materials we provide to reach out to the small or mid-sized business segments, as well as individuals who may be interested in our services.

Start earning commission now!