Surveys serve an important purpose in any organization. They can help you understand trends, build better relationships with your contacts, and much more. Unfortunately, not all survey software is created equal. Since Iím sure you realize the importance of your surveys reaching your contacts, you should want nothing less than the absolute best software available for creating surveys. SurveyPool is that software. Read on to discover what makes SurveyPool the best survey software.

The Right Tools

If it can help you produce surveys that are efficient and effective at garnering a response from your intended contacts, itís available in SurveyPool. Everything you need to create surveys is included with the software.

Easy Survey Administration

Iím sure I donít have to tell you that there is more to marketing than creating pretty surveys. You need to be able to easily manage the entire process from beginning to ending. SurveyPool provides several options that help you administer and manager your surveys.

Web-Based Services

The Internet has become a recognized medium for people to communicate with one another. SurveyPool embraces this fact and is totally web-based. Everything you do in SurveyPool is performed from within a web browser. No need to endure a lengthy installation process. Once you sign up for an account, you are ready to start creating surveys.

Custom Features

We wouldnít be able to claim that SurveyPool is the best survey software if we didnít make it possible for you input your own creative style to the survey creation process. We trust that you have done your research and know what attracts your contacts better than we could. Thatís why SurveyPool includes numerous features for customizing your surveys. Want to include an image, multimedia, or other file type in your survey? Go ahead. SurveyPool supports most file types. You also have the option of using different themes, colors, and fonts.

Advanced Features

In some cases you may need to add advanced features to your survey. For example, if youíre creating a survey that requires you to segregate questions based on certain contact characteristics, you will need to add some logic to your survey. SurveyPool offers several logic features that will get the job done. They are advanced features, but all the hard work is performed behind the scenes.

Real-Time Results

What is a survey unless you can analyze the data that you receive from your contacts? As soon as you send out a survey, SurveyPool starts tracking what happens at the other end. Whether a respondent opens the email containing the survey, clicks a link embedded in a survey, responds, or does absolutely, you will know about it. Simply log into your account and there you will be able to track your survey responses.

Informative Reports

In addition to being able to track your survey responses from your account, you can also generate one or more reports that give you helpful feedback.

Easy Sign-Up Process

The SurveyPool sign-up process is very straightforward. In fact, it only requires a few minutes. Why not take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with a top survey tool? With our Basic Plan you can learn just everything there to do in SurveyPool. You will need an Advanced Plan to access some features. No problem. Our Advanced Plan is affordable and you available in several tiers according to the number of outgoing emails.