People who are in the business of marketing products and services are obvious users of survey creation software. However, we know that there are many industries, companies, communities, and other groups that can benefit from using this type of program. SurveyPool is the best survey tool available because it distinctively provides a survey resource for a variety of needs. Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what we have to offer and then you decide.

Extensive Services and Features

We know that a software tool is only as good as the features it offers. If we’re going to claim to be the best survey tool on the market, we must have an impressive feature list, right? Check out our list of features below and ask yourself, do I have all the tools I need to complete my tasks? We’re sure the answer is “yes.” Be sure to check out our website for more detailed information about our services.

Survey Management: SurveyPool offers a structured approach to the survey design and management process. We know that you want a tool that allows you to create effective surveys. We also know that you want freedom to execute surveys that way that you want. Imagine having an array of 20 different question types and just as many themes at your disposal. In addition to determining the structure of a survey, you can also use advanced survey logic tools to determine the organization of questions; branching logic and item/page visibility features enable you to perform this task. There are many different aspects of a survey that you can determine. You can also use any number of the public surveys as a template when creating a survey.

Need to add images, text, video clips, audio files, or just about any other type of file. Go right ahead. You can do that with SurveyPool. What about software that also allows you to collect and analyze the data that stems from the surveys you create? We’ve got you covered there too.

Email Management: SurveyPool enables you to easily manage the campaign emails you send to contacts. You can expect a user-friendly HTML editor to create dynamic email messages. Flexible email scheduling, the ability to embed images and other files, and customize landing pages are also standard features you have access to for managing your email campaigns. Create as many landing pages as you need and add links to your custom pages. Depending on your account type you have access to state-of-the-art security features.

Contact List Management: SurveyPool provides a sophisticated system for managing your contact lists. Need to collect specific information? Configure data fields in SurveyPool according to your needs. Need more subscribers? Create your own opt-in pages and determine what information you want to collect. Keep your information current by performing a regular data cleansing.


Another good test to use to discover if you are using the best survey tool is to determine if the software enables you to easily get from point A to point B. Is the process to create a survey streamlined or do you easily become confused or bogged down with options that having nothing to do with your current task? SurveyPool was designed to avoid such complications. In many cases, you are directed to the next step. If you are completing a task that requires advanced features, you won’t be left to your own devices. SurveyPool includes project checklists that guide you step-by-step through numerous popular tasks. If you discover another way to create a task, you can create a custom project checklist to share with other people in your company. Our service model is also flexible. You have the option of choosing our Basic Plan or Advanced Plan. The Basic Plan is free, but unlike many other programs, offers a full-functioning program that you can use as long as it fits your needs. The Advanced Plan offers more features and the surveys you create are free of banner ads. As your needs change, you have the flexibility of changing your SurveyPool plan. We recommend that you compare the features of both plans. You also have the freedom to choose a monthly or annual billing cycle.

Ready for the Best?

We know that you don’t want a complicated sign-up process. You want to get started with the tool, right? In line with everything associated with SurveyPool, the sign-up process is easy—and free! Register for a SurveyPool account today.