SurveyPool offers the best survey tools available on the market. We wonít overload you with every single feature, but instead will outline the key features that are significant for any survey you create.

What Do You Need to Create Surveys?

Response Tracking: What is the benefit of a survey tool if you canít easily analyze your responses?

The main reason people create surveys is to gather data. SurveyPool can track your responses and offers a variety of graphical reports for you to analyze the data.

Flexible Distribution: When youíre ready to deploy your survey you will have several options. You may consider embedding the survey within your website, adding a link to your survey in an e-mail or other communication, or creating a popup window that includes an invitation to your survey.

Advanced Survey Logic: Sometimes, all a survey needs is a set of questions for each and every respondent to answer. On other occasions, it is more efficient for your respondents for you to tailor your questions to the needs of your respondents.

Customization: A survey tool should allow you to incorporate as much of your own style as possible. SurveyPool makes customization easy. You can choose from a variety of themes, fonts, or colors. You can also add sound, images, or other file types to your surveys.

WYSIWYG HTML Editor: HTML editors are often an overlooked component of survey tools. The HTML editor included with SurveyPool is powerful and enables you to use drag-and-drop functionality to create an exceptional survey.

The above features are just a sample of what SurveyPool has to offer. The feature list provides more features that you have access to when you use SurveyPool.

A Tool You Can Afford

In addition to the tools listed above, the tool you use to create surveys should be cost-effective. This is another area where SurveyPool shines. If youíre interested in trying SurveyPool, the Basic Plan is a good place to start. However, unlike other survey tools that give you a specific number of days to try out the software, the Basic Plan is always free. Not sure which version is right for you? Visit the Feature Comparison page to compare the list of features available with each plan. You can also contact us for assistance with selecting a plan.