Creating surveys online is a snap with SurveyPool. Every step of the survey creation process is effortless and you are often guided to complete a task.

Easy Survey Design

Youíre not left in the dark when you use SurveyPool to create surveys. You have the option of starting with a sample or using another userís survey as a guide. If youíre feeling creative, you have the option of starting with a blank page. Regardless of the option you choose to create surveys, there are several features available that you can use to create your desired look.

Easy Survey Launch

You have two choices when launching a survey:

Easy Survey Security

Security is an important concern when creating surveys online. SurveyPool includes several security features to protect sensitive information and to ensure that your surveys are secure. Confidential information, such as social security numbers, is stored in encrypted fields. The Advanced version of SurveyPool has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) option that enables you to have your surveys transmitted over a secure connection. Any e-mail messages that you send through SurveyPool are signed using DomainKeys. This is technical terminology that basically means it will be very difficult for anyone to access the information.

Easy Survey Results Analysis

SurveyPool makes it easy for you to analyze your survey results. The software includes several graphical reports, available in both summary and detailed format. Want more information about how respondents interact with your surveys? SurveyPool enables you to obtain inside information. For example, you can view the time that respondents spend with a survey. You can also filter your survey results by respondent attributes, response, date, or by various questions and page of a survey.

Ready to Start Creating Surveys?

If you have five minutes to spare you have time to sign-up for a SurveyPool account. The software offers two plans: Basic and Advanced. SurveyPool Basic is for budget sensitive users and includes unlimited survey responses and up to 250 e-mails per months. If you need more features and want to avoid the banner ads on your surveys, the Advanced Plan may be a better option for you. You pay for the additional features you need. If youíre not sure which plan is most suitable for your situation, compare the features  that accompany each plan. Once you complete the easy sign-up process, you can start creating surveys immediately.