Ezines, newsletters, and other web-distributed communications are very popular. The content of these communications is obviously important, but how people receive them is also crucial. A successful email campaign can help you promote your goods and services, build relationships with your customers, increase sales, and much more. You need to ensure that the software you use to build your email campaigns is capable of providing the services you need to accomplish your goals. SurveyPool is a survey and campaign solution for creating and deploying email campaigns. Whether you have never created an email campaign before or you are an expert, you can easily create email campaigns that get the results you require. SurveyPool doesnít require any specialized technical skills or additional plug-ins.

How can SurveyPool help you increase your email campaigns? Take a look at just some of the services that the software offers:

Contact Management

Professional Email Generation

Track Your Emails

This is just a sample of the email campaign services available in SurveyPool. You can access a more detailed list visiting the features page.

A Plan Just for You

The good news about SurveyPool is that it has a plan that fits the needs of everyone who needs to create email campaigns. Why should you be lumped in a payment plan that doesnít closely match your needs? With SurveyPool you donít have to. Planning to send out less than 250 emails a month and have a free add-on unlimited surveys? The Basic Plan will suit you just fine. The Advanced Plan offers several options dependent on the number of email messages you send. You can switch back and forth between the plans as your needs change.