Effective marketing means that you convey your message easily, effectively, and at a reasonable cost. SurveyPool is a solution for anyone interested in reaching their targeted market by providing the tools necessary to reach your contacts and get them to act. SurveyPool is easy to use, but includes advanced features that enable you to design and launch emails that will quickly get the attention of your contacts so that you receive the results you anticipate. Let’s take a look at some of the SurveyPool features that will enable you to create effective emails.


Many programs with an embedded HTML editor require you to have a technical background or HTML experience. With SurveyPool you don’t need any technical expertise. The system takes care of the coding for you. SurveyPool includes a powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor. All that is required of you is the ability to type your message and drag and drop any extras that you want directly into your message. SurveyPool takes care of the rest for you!

Email Management

An important aspect of effective email marketing is your contact list. You want your list to be as clean as possible (for example, no bad addresses). You also want your list to grow. SurveyPool makes keeping your contact list up-to-date as painless as possible. There are several options to use to remove invalid email addresses. For example, you can include a “report as spam” link that immediately deletes the email address from your contact list. SurveyPool also includes options for expanding your contact list. You can include a link that enables your existing contacts to share your information with other people they know who would be interested in your information. When you send this information you have the opt-in/opt-out options to include in your emails to ensure you meet CAN-SPAM standards.

Results Tracking

Do you need to make improvements to your email marketing strategy? This is an important question. SurveyPool offers several methods that you can use to easily answer this question. There are several reports that you can generate to view details of the responses to your emails, including how many emails bounced and the total number of clickthrus. Having access to this information will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your message. You have the option of viewing a summary of the information or a more detailed report.

Ready to Make Your Emails Work For You?

SurveyPool has everything you need to produce the emails that will generate the success you desire. We not only make a great tool, but we make it easy for you to get started. Visit our home page and click the Register Now button. You will automatically be enrolled in the Basic Plan, a free version of our software that is sufficient for many people who need to send quality emails. We also offer an Advanced Plan that includes additional features and flexible payment options. The Advanced Plan is also banner ad-free. Not sure which plan is suitable for your needs? You can view a complete list of features and compare the two plans. Our website also includes everything you need to get started with SurveyPool. Of course, you can always contact us if you need additional information.