When you send out emails, you need to know what happens after you send them to their destination. SurveyPool includes several options for tracking your emails. The system allows you to record activity from each email message. This includes when the respondent opens the message, if/when they click a link included within the message, and if they complete a survey you have enclosed. SurveyPool allows you to track your emails within your account and by generating reports. With these solutions you can ensure that the email campaigns that you send have the highest success rate possible.

Email Tracking Reports

Wherever your emails go, you can track them—in real-time. The report system gives you a quick or detailed view of your emails. You can view the information directly from your account or generate one of the following reports:

These email tracking reports can tell you a great deal about your email campaigns. What is your success rate? Which campaigns are most popular? Which area of the nation or world is more receptive to your email campaigns? These are just a few of the questions you will be able to answer when you run an email tracking report.

How does email tracking work in SurveyPool? Seamlessly. You specify what you want to track and the SurveyPool system does the rest. The different actions trigger an automatic counter that you can check whenever you want. This information is refreshed and updated on a consistent basis.

Tracking your emails has another benefit. It allows you to discover any problems with your emails. For example, if your tracking statistics indicate that you have a high number of bounced emails, then you can inspect your email message to check your contact list. When you find and fix problems with your emails, there is no need to suspend the email campaign and create another one. Simply make the change and the system updates the email with the correct information.

Choose Your Plan

SurveyPool has two different plans, each with its own email options. The Basic Plan is designed for people who send fewer than 250 emails each month. The Advanced option is for heavy users of emails. With this plan you can send upwards of 250 emails each month and pay for what you need. As your needs change you can change your plan. You can access more information about our plans by clicking here. Our pricing plans are also available here.