SurveyPool is an excellent tool for creating email campaigns. SurveyPool offers a low cost version of its software that includes several features and benefits. Check out the following benefits and features that belong to you when creating email campaigns in SurveyPool using the Basic Plan:

The process to create email campaigns in SurveyPool is easy and doable in three steps:

Step 1: Create your contact list.

Step 2: Create your email message.

Step 3: Schedule your email campaign.

Step 4: Analyze your results.

That’s all there is to creating an email campaign in SurveyPool. While the process is simple, you have the opportunity to add your own flare and individuality to the process. This too is simplified for you. If you’re not sure of your options, SurveyPool includes Project Checklists that give you the basic flow of a process and what you can do within each process.

Do You Need More Features?

The free SurveyPool Basic plan provides many features that rival market standards. Do you expect to send more than 1,000 emails? Maybe you want more options. The Advanced Plan is probably the way to go for you. You pay for the options you need. In addition, your emails will be delivered without any ad banners. With this plan you receive additional features with your emails, including the following:

Has what we’ve informed you about SurveyPool peeked your interest? Go ahead and give it a try today. You have absolutely no excuse not to try it. You are automatically enrolled in the Basic Plan when you sign-up with SurveyPool. As your needs change you can upgrade to the Advanced Plan. We’ve mentioned a few of their differences above. More details about each plan and a plan comparison page are available on our website.