SurveyPool is web-based software that includes tools for creating and managing a host of marketing-related tasks. The SurveyPool Basic Plan is low cost and provides survey creation and data analysis capabilities to help marketing and other professionals market their products and services. With the SurveyPool free marketing software you are able to design and distribute surveys, collect and share survey results, launch email campaigns, track open and click rate, and much more!

The SurveyPool free marketing software includes the following:

If Basic Plan is acceptable for the needs of your company, preferences, and budget, feel free to use it as long as you want. If your business needs change, you become interested in more advanced features, or you want to avoid the banner ads that display on the first page of each survey, you may consider upgrading to the SurveyPool Advanced Plan. A list of advanced features is also available on the Home page.

Ready to Start Creating Surveys?

Getting started with the SurveyPool free marketing software is easy. You will first need to go through the effortless and speedy registration process to create a new account. Then, you are ready to create your first survey. There are basically four steps to creating a survey using SurveyPool:

Step 1: Give your survey a name and specify the basic options for your survey.

Step 2: Add survey questions.

Step 3: Deploy your survey.

Step 4: Analyze survey results

Ready to Start Creating Email Campaigns?

With SurveyPool you have several options for deploying your surveys. One popular method is via an email campaign. The process to create a campaign involves different steps, but is just as easy as creating a survey. The following are the basic steps to take to create an email campaign in SurveyPool:

Step 1: Create a contacts list for the campaign

Step 2: Design your e-mail message.

Step 3: Create a campaign and select your list and message.

Step 4: Launch your campaign immediately or schedule for later time.

After you launch an email campaign, SurveyPool makes it easy for you to track the results.

Thatís all that is required to create surveys and campaigns using SurveyPool! The steps are the same for both basic and more complex projects that require advanced features, such as skip logic. If you need them, there are project checklists available that include step-by-step procedures for creating tasks in SurveyPool.

Try SurveyPool for free and discover for yourself how easy it is to accomplish your marketing research tasks. The good news is you can register within the next five minutes and start creating surveys and campaigns shortly after that. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the registration process or if you need more information about how SurveyPool can benefit your business.