Are you all ready to create a survey online and now searching for a reasonably priced tool? SurveyPool is a feature-rich survey tool that includes a Basic Plan that is almost free. This isnít a limited version of software. People have different needs when it comes to creating surveys, so we make our product available for a variety of needs. The Basic Plan is where many people start when they are just starting to create surveys. You never pay a setup fee and can upgrade at any time. Take a look at what some people are doing with SurveyPool:


Some of the most common industries that use SurveyPool include healthcare, retailers (Internet and brick and mortar), publishers, and hotels. These are just a sample of some of the industries. Rest assured that your industry can also be well served when you create surveys in SurveyPool. What the industries all have in common is a need to reach customers through marketing opportunities. This is an area where SurveyPool shines.


External customers are probably what come first to mind when people think of surveys for companies. This is an important aspect of business, but smooth-running internal relationships are also important to the success of companies. You can use SurveyPool to create surveys company-wide or respective to each department to improve communication.


Businesses arenít the only institutions that plan and hold special events. Communities are quite busy organizing groups to bring people closer together. The following are a few ways that you can use SurveyPool to help bridge the gap that exists within communities:

These are just a few of the areas in which people use SurveyPool to create surveys. Sign up to discover other ways that people are using SurveyPool.

How Do You Get Started?

All this talk about what you can do with SurveyPool for free probably has you ready to jump into the software. After you click the "Register Now" button located on our home page to complete the quick and easy sign-up process, you can get started with the software.