Very few, if any, survey tools allow you to create surveys for cost comparable to the one charged by SurveyPool. From the time you register a new account with SurveyPool, you know that it is unique. What makes SurveyPool so different from its competitors? For starters, you can sign-up for Basic Plan and use it as long as you want. This plan is not a feature-short option that is common with many other free programs. When you sign-up for the SurveyPool Basic Plan, you can expect to use many of the same features available in the paid Advanced Plan.

Enjoy Creative Freedom

Forget about creating plain and boring surveys that your respondents will ultimately ignore. You can dress up your surveys just about any way that you choose. SurveyPool includes the following features and capabilities to enable you to create dynamic surveys:

Interested in More Features?

There are other unique features of SurveyPool that might interest you. The list of features available in SurveyPool is extensive.

What is really amazing about SurveyPool is that with its comprehensive list of features, you would expect it to take a significant amount of time to create a survey and get it in the hands of your potential respondents. The complete opposite is true. In a matter of minutes you can build a survey, preview it for accuracy, and post a link to it on your website or Intranet (there are other delivery options available).