SurveyPool is survey management software that enables you to create an unlimited number of surveys. SurveyPool offers two versions: Basic and Advanced. Both options offer unsurpassed survey creation features. The really good news about the Basic plan is that whether you have the product one day or one year—you pay very little. We won’t hassle you to upgrade to the Advanced Plan. If in the future you should need to upgrade to the Advanced plan of SurveyPool, the process is easy and you can switch back if necessary.

How Do You Create Surveys in SurveyPool?

Forget about complicated and unintuitive processes to create surveys that you may come across with other comparable software. SurveyPool makes the survey creation effortless. In fact, there are three basic steps: design survey, specify survey options, and launch survey. That’s it!

Designing Your Survey

This step of the survey creation process in SurveyPool involves basic administration, such as naming your survey and specifying how you want the survey to look. You basically have free reign to customize your surveys the way you want. Want to use a certain font? Go ahead, that easy to do in SurveyPool. Have a logo or other image you want to add to the survey? No problem. SurveyPool supports numerous file types.

Specifying Your Survey Options

Now you’re getting down to the nitty gritty aspects of creating your survey. This is where you create your questions and specify the details about their organization. Once you have added all the components of your survey, at this stage of the survey creation process you can preview one or more pages to ensure they look and flow the way you want.

Launching Your Survey

Deploying a survey in SurveyPool is easy. As is customary with SurveyPool, you are able to specify how you want to deliver your survey. If you are launching a public survey you have the option of inserting a link into a web page, creating a page specifically for the survey, or creating a floating window with an invitation to your survey. SurveyPool creates the HTML text. You just need to copy the code and paste it according to the instructions. You are then ready to send your survey to your prospective respondents. Before you launch the survey you can test it by pasting the code into a browser window.

Analyzing Your Survey Results

The moment respondents complete your surveys you will be able to start analyzing the results. You determine how deep you want to delve into the results. You can start with basic information, such as how many respondents actually completed the survey. If you want more than the basics you can run anyone of the numerous reports that can give you more detailed information to use to analyze your survey results.

Ready to Create Your First Survey?

In a matter of minutes you can sign-up with SurveyPool and start creating surveys. Upon signup you will be assigned to the Basic Plan. The Basic Plan is a good place to start if you are new to surveys. At any time you can upgrade to the Advanced Plan and enjoy more advanced features. A complete list of all the features for each plan is available on the comparison page.