If you need software that enables you to create surveys online, you donít need to look any further than SurveyPool. Since the software is 100% browser based, there is nothing for you to install. This translates into you being able to get up and running sooner and not having to worry about anything except creating efficient surveys.

Why Do You Need Survey Software?

There is a general misconception that surveys are a bunch of questions. This may be the case for other survey tools. SurveyPool was designed to benefit a variety of industries, organizations, businesses, communities, and many other groups. Need to promote or evaluate your product or services? Not sure which charity event will fulfill the interests of your organization? Want to improve relationships between departments within your businesses? All of these questions can be resolved by using SurveyPool to conduct surveys.

Why Choose SurveyPool?

While there is a market full of online survey software, SurveyPool stands as a leader and not a follower in the pack. Many tools fall short at providing the tools necessary to produce efficient and effective surveys. SurveyPool proudly boasts the following:

Is Your Content Secure?

Security is a big concern with software that runs on someone elseís server. In your search for the survey software, you should ask about the security of your content. You can rest assured that your content will be safe with SurveyPool. Users with the Advanced Plan have the option of enabling SSL encryption, which sends surveys and their results over a secure connection or having surveys and survey results password-protected.


SurveyPool is a clear winner in the online survey software competition. You donít have to take our word for it. You should try SurveyPool for yourself risk-free. As mentioned previously, it doesnít take much for you to get started. Simply sign up for the free Basic Plan and give SurveyPool a whirl. We think you will be so pleasantly surprised that you wonít even consider other online survey software. Remember, the free Basic Plan does not expire. Use it as long as it fits your needs. If you think you need to upgrade to the Advanced Plan, you can easily do so. Not sure which plan is best for you. Our website includes handy feature comparison page that can help you make up your mind. Of course, you can always contact us if you need assistance.