Whoever said creating surveys online is difficult never tried doing so with SurveyPool. Whether you create surveys from scratch, use an included sample, or base your survey on one from the public pool, you can create a survey in a matter of minutes. This is because all of the complicated processing takes place behind the scenes. You can choose features as simple or as complex as you like and it’s all the same—very little is required of you to create surveys using SurveyPool.

Get Ready

To start creating surveys using SurveyPool you need to select a plan. SurveyPool’s Basic Plan is an excellent choice if you’re just learning the tool, want to try out the basic features, or you intend to create surveys with specific features. This is a full-feature plan that includes unlimited survey responses and up to 1,000 emails per month for email campaigns. The Basic Plan is almost free and you’re welcome to use it as long as you want.

If you’re interested in more advanced features and want to create banner-free surveys, the Advanced Plan of SurveyPool is the way to go. The Advanced Plan is associated with a cost that varies according to the options you select.

Get Set

SurveyPool is a robust tool that offers you several creation methods. Which method is ideal for your purposes? That depends. It’s always a good idea to outline your survey before you actually start the creation process. Outlining is simply writing out your survey in words. Regardless of how simple or complex your survey, this step helps to ensure your final survey is what you intended.

Go! Create Your Survey Online

You have your SurveyPool account and you’ve outlined your survey. You are now ready to create your survey using the following easy steps:

Step #1: Create a name for the survey and specify its basic options.

Step #2: Outline the design of your survey.

Step #3: Distribute your survey to your potential respondents.

Step #4: Analyze your survey results.

Those are the basic four steps of creating a survey using SurveyPool.

Start Creating Surveys Today!

As you can see, creating surveys using SurveyPool is really simply. Getting started is even simpler. Start with the Basic Plan to get a feel for the software. If you need more advanced features or you simply want to avoid the banner ads on your surveys, upgrade to the Advanced Plan. Upgrading is also a simple step. You can go back and forth between the two plans, as you deem necessary. Visit our Home page to register an account and start creating surveys online today. You can always contact us if you need more information.