When you shop for survey software you will notice there are two basic types: those you install on your desktop and those you run within a web browser. There are several benefits associated with using web survey tools, the two most important being cost efficiency and quick start. There are many web survey tools on the market. SurveyPool stands out from the others because it supports standard features and those that are unique to its competitors.

Key Features

When you have a SurveyPool account, you can expect the following

Beyond Basic Questions

Having a variety of question types at your disposal is a significant benefit you will enjoy with SurveyPool. Each type of question serves a different purpose. If you’re only familiar with the couple of question types available with most web survey tools, now is the time to become acquainted with SurveyPool and a few of its 20 different question types.

Single-answer questions are what you would imagine. These questions require the respondent to provide one and only one answer to the question. What is your favorite type of car? How long ago did you go to the movies? Are you interested in organic products? These questions are examples of singe-answer questions.

Multiple-answer questions are the opposite of single-answer questions. These types of questions allow the respondent to provide one or more responses to a question.

Opened-ended questions allow your respondents to enter free-form text in a space that you determine. This type of question is suitable when you want to capture information from your respondents that you may not be able to obtain from direct questions.

Want More?

SurveyPool is a web survey tool that can simplify your survey-related tasks. We’re sure that you will consider many tools in your search. Keep in mind that not all tools are the same. Some companies will make huge claims. Make sure that their tool actually does what they say it does. We make it easy for you to put SurveyPool to the test. Complete the easy sign-up process and start creating surveys with our Basic Plan. You can put SurveyPool to the test for as long as you like. We want you to take your time and become familiar with the tool. That’s why the Basic Plan is almost free. We’re sure you will be impressed with its ease of use and bundle of features. We also offer an Advanced Plan that is available at a low cost that corresponds to your needs. Go to our website and check out the lengthy list of features for both plans. We think you will be amazed.