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Surveys Features
Variety of Question Types screenshot
Select from over 20 different question types, each with many additional options to customize the properties and layout of your questions.
Control Survey Security screenshot
Select any of four levels of survey protection: global with common password, individual system generated passwords, or passwords based on contact fields. Apply SSL encryption to your survey or reports.
Use Templates from Pool of Surveys screenshot
Don't have time to design survey questions? Use our growing collection of surveys created by other users to find exactly what you need. Search by survey popularity, type, and industry.
Branching Logic / Conditional Visibility screenshot
Control the flow of your surveys by directing your respondents to the subsequent pages based on their answers to survey questions. Define visibility of individual questions or pages based on survey responses.
Branching Logic /Conditional Visibility Diagrams screenshot
Review the validity of your logic and the flow of survey in Branching Logic and Conditional Visibility diagrams.
Share Survey Resultsscreenshot
Share your survey results with others. You can apply Question, Response, Respondent, and Crosstab filters to the results; share them publicly or require a password. Allow viewers to apply different filters themselves.
Export Survey Resultsscreenshot
Export your survey responses in several formats to conduct additional data analysis in Excel or SPSS. Specify additional fields from Contact lists if available.
Images and Media Clipsscreenshot
In addition to formatted text include images, flash, or links to audio and video clips inside your surveys. File hosting is available for Advanced plan accounts.
Use Validation Fieldsscreenshot
Use advanced validation fields to control the answers your respondents can enter for open-ended questions. You can limit their input to accept only alpha characters, integers, date, time, email addresses, phone numbers or ZIP codes.
Use Existing or Create Custom Themes screenshot
Have full control over the look and feel of a survey. You can apply any of the 20 included themes or create your own theme and change the color, size, borders, and style of any element in your survey.
Flexible Survey Distributionscreenshot
Add a link to survey in your blog or web page, embed survey in a page on your site, display a survey invitation in a floating window on page entry or exit. These options are as simple as copying and pasting generated code into your page.
View Survey Results in Real-Timescreenshot
Your summary survey results are available as soon as they are collected. Analyze responses with charts and heat maps, create and apply Question, Response, and Respondent filters to your results to narrow down what is displayed.
Manage Individual Responsesscreenshot
Easily drill down to the individual response level to view the details of specific respondents, read the responses to open-ended questions, or delete some responses.
Cross Tabulation Reportsscreenshot
Create Crosstab reports based on combination of responses to your survey questions of the types "One Answer", "Multiple Answers", or "Matrix".