1. Integrated survey and email marketing tools
Most marketing services companies fall into one of the two groups. One group provides their clients with full-fledged survey management tools, but only rudimentary email capabilities and no landing and subscription pages. Another group offers email campaign management tools, but with limited or no survey administration capabilities. Usually these companies cross-sell each other's services. SurveyPool is one of the very few companies that provide a comprehensive integrated solution for all your marketing services needs.
2. Create your surveys based on someone else's surveys
SurveyPool is the only survey service provider offering a patent pending feature that allows our customers to create new surveys by using an ever-growing pool of existing surveys developed by other customers. And for those users who prefer to keep their survey questions confidential, we offer Advanced Plan with an expanded set of features that also keeps all surveys protected.
3. Unlimited number of survey pages, questions, and responses
As a Basic Plan subscriber, you can create, distribute, and analyze any number of surveys from any number of respondents. Additional features are available to Advanced Plan subscribers.
4. Flexible service model
There is no setup fee and you can easily switch from Basic Plan to Advanced Plan and vice versa. You can sign up for monthly billing or select annual billing and receive a significant discount. You can choose and pay only for specific services or features that you need.
5. Comprehensive list management and email campaigns tools
SurveyPool includes tools to identify duplicate records, perform segmentation, import and export records, create subscription pages. Keep track of bounced, opened, and clicked-thru emails, store sent messages indefinitely for regulatory compliance purposes. Send all emails immediately, or schedule an exact date and time and split email campaign into batches.