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1.To what extent were you satisfied with:
  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
The total benefits program is better than at most other companies?    
The amount of pay you get is fair and competitive?    
The pay increases you receive based on my job performance?    
Overall, how satisfied are you with your pay you receive at your company?    
Overall, how satisfied are you with the total benefits program?    
2.Please rate the following [Company] Human Resource benefits.
  Extremely satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Extremely dissatisfied N/A
Accidental death and dismemberment insurance     
Dental plan     
Disability (short & long term) insurance     
Education assistance program     
Employee stock purchase plan     
Life insurance plan     
Medical plan     
Vacation program     
Eye-care plan     
401K plan and profit sharing     
3.Do you have easy access to sufficient information on all company benefits?
4.When you contact the benefits group with questions, how satisfied are you with their response?
  Extremely satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Extremely dissatisfied N/A
Knowledge of available options     
Willingness to work with you     
5.You understand the company's benefit options.
6.The company provides benefits that compare favorably with other companies in the industry.
7.Are there ways in which the company could improve the benefits programs currently provided, or new benefits which you would like the company to provide in the future?