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1.When you think of your company's activates related to buying and selling of [Product] materials, would you say your company is mostly involved with buying or selling?
2.Which of the following categories best describes your business?
3.How many employees work at your site?
4.Please think about your overall satisfaction with [Company]. Considering everything you know or have heard about the company, its products, its service and support organization, would you say they are:
Somewhat satisfactory    
Very satisfactory      
The overall experience
The expertise of the staff
Overall quality of the customer representatives
The communications received from the company
The actual purchasing process
The quality of the services provided
The quality of the products sold
The usability of the website
The overall reputation of the company
5.Again, considering everything, how likely would you be to recommend [Company] services to a friend or colleague?
6.Is there anything else you would like to share with us about selecting [Company] as a vendor for online auction services? 
7.What was your company's total value of [Product] items sold during the last year?
8.How frequently does your company have [Product] items for sale?
9.About what percent of your total [Product] sales are conducted through [Company]?
10.Please tell us which other vendors you use for selling [Product] items:
11.What additional products or services could [Company] provide to better server your needs?
12.How frequently does your company buy [Product] items that are for sale?
13.What additional sales services could we provide that would assist you in your [Product] purchases?
14.Please tell us about the quality of the services received from [Company] (Services only, not the product sold).
15.If any service-related attribute listed above could be improved by [Company] to make it of more value to you, please identify the attribute and tell us what can be done to improve that service.
16.What is your organization's primary business activity at this location?
17.What is your primary information source where you read about upcoming auctions?